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Looking for Mortgages to Invest In?

If you are a private investor looking for mortgages to invest in, we have mortgages that offer between a potential 8% and 12% annual interest return on your investment. These investments are safe because the loan-to-value ratio on the investment is no more than 60%. (Often the loan to value ratio is 50% to 60% ). In a hurry? Call (561) 324-8606 from throughout Florida.

  • How Mortgage Investments Work

     Lord Mortgage and Loan, would place the mortgage on the property. As the investor, you would be the first mortgage holder on the property (in first position). The borrower on the property pays for the title insurance. The property is insured at 125% of the loan amount. The fire, wind and liability is also paid for by the borrower on the property. The investor would be named as the loss payee. We close in our name and assign the mortgages to you as the investor.

    Our fee is 2% of the loan amount that we charge the investor up to $150,000 and then 1% after that. We have opportunities throughout Florida from North Miami to Pompano Beach, from Delray Beach to Vero Beach and throughout Florida

    So if you are looking for an 8% and 10% annual interest return on your investment, we’d be happy to answer your questions. For more information on mortgage investments, contact Robert Neadel, Licensed Mortgage Lender / Banker Directly at (561) 324-8606 

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